- Security Guards Hire

Security is the most crucial aspect of any business event or venture—security for your guests, for your employees and for yourself. Whether you’re securing a storefront or office space, or keeping check on the event grounds for a conference or a get-together, it is essential that everyone is kept safe from all potential threats. Auswide Security & Labour Services knows how to handle anything that can come your way. With a staff trained for such issues as altercations, armed aggression, public misconduct, theft and traffic incidents, Auswide Security will keep you and your guests safe and sound, and business running as usual.

With 20+ years experience and hundreds of events under out belt, we know how to keep you safe and secure.

Not all security companies are the same, quality of staff and know how for managing them is critical to safety.

You can rely on Auswide for punctuality, high qualifications, and bringing the right attitude to every job.